come learn with me


Are you still struggling to make business sustainable and prosperous?

In our play-scapes together, I can teach you how to become confident in making soul-aligned choices, by restoring and reclaiming all of your intuitive faculties and your connection to your Higher Self. (She’s chief decision maker of the century!)

I can teach you how to determine which actions will give you the most traction towards actualising your income goals and how to further maximise your efforts to manifest the lifestyle that supports and nourishes your entire being (not just your bank account.)

I can help you to rediscover your Soul's unique mission, message and magic so that you can get crystal clear on what you offer, why it’s a 'non-negotiable' to serve in this way and how to effectively broadcast your brilliance to clients who are ready to say ‘Hell Yes’ now.

Speaking of which….are you ready to say a ‘Hell Yes’ to learning all of this? Click below to discover the 3 levels of education and mentorship that I'm currently offering...


the apprenticeship

Fuse the learning element of a group program with the intimate support and accountability of a mastermind - and you have this!

An offering designed to teach you how to creatively heal, confidently intuit and consciously manifest soul-aligned success as you navigate the seasonal changes in both life & business.


Starting off with a 3 hour intensive designed to restore Soul alignment and for you to rediscover your Soul's natural voice & vibe, we get a feel for the magic generated whist working together.

We can then explore either 3 or 6 months together, in a brand and business restoration and reinvention project (by application only).


My business partners receive free mentorship as they themselves build and lead a team in their soul-aligned essential oil business. 

If you've been exploring a how to make a greater income and impact within the context of a multi-level marketing opportunity, this might be the one you've been ultimately waiting for!