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amplify the vibe of your brand & biz


Your brand and business has it's own Chakra Matrix, which can only thrive in an environment that supports and fuels it's vital life forces.

Money goes where energy flows right?!!

What I do is comprehensive and intuitively structured, however simply put - I tune into your Akashic Record and channel your Spirit Guides, to identify and clear 'energy zapping' chaos and strategise the best course of action for you to take each week/month in order to achieve your next level income and impact goal.

You'll learn how to create and sustain success the intuitive way!

When you effectively channel vital life force energy through your business...

  • you are connected to Source, your Higher Self and the Soul of your business
  • your mindset is life affirming because you understand what governs your choices and decisions
  • you have faith in your intuitive intelligence and can easily discern what's real for you
  • you are authentically, creatively and constructively self-expressed in your marketing
  • you are uplifted by your hearts purest desire to connect in deep and genuine client relationships
  • your inner flame burns steady and strong, fuelling your will to make soul-aligned sales
  • you harness business systems that both turn you on and turn on the tap for consistent cash flow
  • you selectively choose the contributors that are going to have a positive energetic footprint on your business
  • and ultimately, you generate optimum and sustainable health and wealth!

As a psychic attuned to the Akashic Records, I can help you to...

  • restore and reclaim all of your intuitive faculties and your connection to all the aspects of your Higher Self
  • meet the Soul of your business and how she/he desires to serve and be expressed in the world
  • audit the aura and Chakra Matrix of your business on a regular basis
  • craft practical and soulful biz-care practices to restore homeostasis to it's aura and Chakra Matrix
  • self-diagnose & remedy vibrational misalignments within the energy mechanics business
  • heal the past-life and karmic patterning that interrupts or blocks the flow of money, vitality and creativity through your business
  • understand your capacity for change based on situational karma and vibrational bandwidth
  • become confident in making soul-aligned choices and being sensibly proactive about your progress
  • can get crystal clear on what you offer, why it’s a 'non-negotiable' to serve in this way
  • how to effectively broadcast your Soul's unique mission, message and magic in marketing
  • craft content/courses/programs with channelled copy editing
  • re-invent your brand identity when the visual and verbal vibes no longer match the next level you
  • discover your Soul's Manifesting Blueprint and how to amplify the quality of creative energy that you're manifesting with
  • craft and activate a sustainable launch plan for your new or re-birthed products and services
  • teach you how to determine which actions will give you the most traction towards actualising your income goals
  • how to further maximise your efforts to manifest the lifestyle that supports and nourishes your entire being (not just your bank account)
  • explore Earth Medicine as a tool for attracting high vibe clients, cultivating wealth, problem solving and amplifying your creative process
  • learn about your Spirit Guide Team and how to communicate with them for insight and guidance
  • craft a business or launch plan that effectively expresses and monetises your Soul's assets

your needs + circumstances are unique

so let's connect and I'll craft a customised 3 or 4 month program for you

(your investment will be $1297USD per month)


Got questions? I've got answers!

Q. “What are the Akashic Records anyway?”

A. I like to think of them as an etheric search engine that has all the information that has ever existed about your Soul, every other Soul and the energy of houses, places, organisations and businesses. Like the history records EVERYTHING and every choice ever made, along with every consequence that ever resulted!!! So when I access your Akashic Record - I 'type into' the etheric search bar your birth details and the name of your business. After locating the relevant information, I then share your intentions for healing, challenges, strategising/planning, future envisaging with your Cosmic Crew (Spirit Guide Team) and mine so that what I read/discover will be accurate and helpful to your specific enquiry and intentions. Cool huh!

And before you ask...I will investigate your Akashic Record at the time of your registration, so that I can confirm that we are a great fit for working together and that your Soul is ready for this level of transformation at this time.

Q. “Okay - it sounds great so far. But what kind of time commitment will this require, because I already have so much going on at the moment?”

A. Honestly - it's whatever you have the bandwidth for. I often freak out about committing to another program/experience because I'm afraid I wont have the time to engage with the work and make the most of the support and growth opportunities that are available. Rest assured, I'll be encouraging you to do what you can, when you can. I trust that you will receive exactly what you need at the right time.


Please understand that the information I provide is for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information I give you, including any actions you take, is your own personal responsibility and choice. All intuitive guidance provided and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation, intuition, and judgment. My services are not a substitute or meant to replace services by any physician or other health care professional. Please understand that working with any healing practitioner should in no way prevent or preclude you from seeing a medical doctor or psychiatrist.