Why are the Chakra's so damn important?


It's not just a spiritual fad that hits the town one week, and sent out on the back road the next.

Chakra Health is a thing!

Energetic alignment is indeed a state of being!

And learning about it will give you great understanding of how your life (and business for that matter) is directly influenced by the quality and quantity of vital force energy that you are receiving from Source at any given time.

Have you studied much about the Chakra system and it's anatomy and physiology?

There are numerous ancient and contemporary texts, courses, teachers, oracle cards and modalities that you can pick up and learn from. But, simply for the purpose of easy reading and keeping things 'simple simon', I'm attempting to pass onto you my perspective of it within a few hundred words here (I'm not counting BTW) as an intro. I'll be able to share more complexities of it in later posts.

For now though, let me give it go quick smart...

Your Chakra System is a living, breathing organism that functions as a machine - many parts all just as important as the other, making up the whole.

Let's keep rolling with this machine analogy shall we..

The fuel that keeps the machine operating is Source energy. It's a sustainable fuel - both unlimited and always accessible to every energetic entity/being on the planet.

When not enough fuel is given to the machine, or if too much fuel is siphoned into the machine - , the systems malfunction, parts are compromised or they breakdown, assimilation and production or energy goes awol and the machine simply cannot do it's job properly.

What does it look like when this happens? Like how would you even know if your machine is functioning well or not?

In short - dysfunction looks like mental chaos, emotional upheaval, relationship conflict and physical dis-ease; while optimum function looks like mental strength and clarity, emotional balance/harmony, enhanced intuition and amazing physical health!

Another picture I'd like to paint for you as a conscious woman in business. Dysfunction looks like being lost in the world of business with overwhelm, money issues, disconnection to others, your ideal client and your higher self wisdom.

Yuk! Try being authentically expressed when all this is playing havoc in the way you show up every day. I hear you. It's not nice is it?! 

If your personal Chakra's and the Chakra Matrix of your business (it's an energetic entity too right?!) are optimally functioning it looks like an abundant and sustainable income because your biz model, offerings, marketing, brand identity and clients are all soul aligned and designed to help you thrive in your zone of magic and monetise it effectively.

Now as a holistic coach, healer or practitioner, do you see why it's so damn important to learn all about Chakra Health?

Every aspect of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual life is governed by a specific Chakra. If you're keen to learn about them all - follow along as I bring you fresh wisdoms of Chakra Health and rituals and remedies to help you tap into vital force energy effectively and tune into your own intuitive intelligence more confidently.

Your clients, yourself, your family and the success of your practice - will all benefit from such knowledge and power!

If you're ready to explore more of the ancient wisdom that is to be discovered in studying Chakra Health - your teacher has appeared, and I'm honoured!

It's wonderful to have you here with me...


Vicki xxx

Akashic Psychic & Chakra Health Teacher