How to retreat without dropping the ball


When was the last time you retreated from the world?

I spent my 42nd birthday weekend resting and retreating from the usual schedule and I'm breathing so much easier this Monday morning for sure, but more than that - I feel reborn!

It happens every birthday to some degree - but this one proved to give me a profound awareness and acceptance of new beginnings. 

So, here's what I'm recommending for you too hun... 

The moment you feel overwhelmed with your to-do list this week, do ANYTHING other than!

The point here is to hop of the 'constantly striving' bus for a moment, in order to re-set and re-charge.

I know it sounds completely counter-intuitive and you may go into a guilt trip or panic attack at the thought of walking away from alllll the things you absolutely have to do this week/month.


Retreat: (noun) a safe harbour or secluded place one goes to for restoration & recalibration

So go ahead a choose one of these 3 basic Vibeology remedies that will help you to retreat momentarily without feeling like you're dropping the ball...

  1. Inhale the self-sabotage vibes rather than resisting them. Preferably inhale this shit with a few drops of your 'go-to' essential oil blend for acceptance, focus, creativity or rebalancing. Remember to exhale with grace and gumption.

  2. Move your body baby - walk the dog, walk the baby or walk your monkey brain in the park. The higher vibe move option is to also turn up the volume and hit play on your 'pump it up' or 'calm the nerves' playlist. If you need a catalyst playlist, please borrow mine here.

  3. Get grounded with Earthing. You might have 4 inches of snow in your backyard right now, so choose an alternative option to Earthing. However, if the land around you is bare foot friendly, get your toes into the soil/sand/clay/grass. Give yourself at least 5 minutes until you feel your body and mind coming back to equilibrium.

How are you going to retreat today my friend? I want to hear your intentions and what you wish to re-set during this time so come on over to The Vibeology Club here and spark up this conversation with me. I'm all ears!

Until then, keep shining!

Vicki xxx

Master Vibeologist & Psychic Biz Consultant