How to retreat without dropping the ball


When was the last time you retreated from the world?

I spent my 42nd birthday weekend resting and retreating from the usual schedule and I'm breathing so much easier this Monday morning for sure, but more than that - I feel reborn!

It happens every birthday to some degree - but this one proved to give me a profound awareness and acceptance of new beginnings. 

So, here's what I'm recommending for you too hun... 

The moment you feel overwhelmed with your to-do list this week, do ANYTHING other than!

The point here is to hop of the 'constantly striving' bus for a moment, in order to re-set and re-charge.

I know it sounds completely counter-intuitive and you may go into a guilt trip or panic attack at the thought of walking away from alllll the things you absolutely have to do this week/month.


Retreat: (noun) a safe harbour or secluded place one goes to for restoration & recalibration

So go ahead a choose one of these 3 basic Vibeology remedies that will help you to retreat momentarily without feeling like you're dropping the ball...

  1. Inhale the self-sabotage vibes rather than resisting them. Preferably inhale this shit with a few drops of your 'go-to' essential oil blend for acceptance, focus, creativity or rebalancing. Remember to exhale with grace and gumption.

  2. Move your body baby - walk the dog, walk the baby or walk your monkey brain in the park. The higher vibe move option is to also turn up the volume and hit play on your 'pump it up' or 'calm the nerves' playlist. If you need a catalyst playlist, please borrow mine here.

  3. Get grounded with Earthing. You might have 4 inches of snow in your backyard right now, so choose an alternative option to Earthing. However, if the land around you is bare foot friendly, get your toes into the soil/sand/clay/grass. Give yourself at least 5 minutes until you feel your body and mind coming back to equilibrium.

How are you going to retreat today my friend? I want to hear your intentions and what you wish to re-set during this time so come on over to The Vibeology Club here and spark up this conversation with me. I'm all ears!

Until then, keep shining!

Vicki xxx

Master Vibeologist & Psychic Biz Consultant




What needs fortifying in your business?


This is probably something you don't know about me...

And that is that language is an essential substance that I need to frequently feast upon.

So avoid the unnecessary conflict that manifests when my Soul is hangry for nourishing communication, I'm infusing my blog posts this year with a playful approach to the written word.

So let's play with the word 'fortify'...

To do this, allow me to share the 3 actions I took last year that helped me to consolidate my offerings to make my business stronger.


It started a year ago, when I accepted the role as resident Chakra Health Teacher in Lexi D'Angelo's 'Biz Woo School'. Finally embracing the other part of my Soul's essence that I had denied for so long.

This collaborative opportunity helped me to fortify my belief in self and reinforced my desire to play and teach in online group experiences.

What followed next were many guest speaker opportunities, group program collaboration and building business partnerships with doTERRA.

All done without needing to pitch myself to anyone - instead I manifested all these opportunities with absolute ease and via genuine connection.

Because my Soul's assets are fully expressed when collaborating.


My passion for psychic exploration never wanes, so when my spiritual teacher launched her new training on 'Reading Future Probabilities in the Akashic Records' I was all over that ENROL NOW button and I couldn't consume and assimilate the new tools fast enough.

Adding this skillset to my own strategic process has fortified my entire brand and business because I can audit the impact of my actions before I even take them. My plans are verified for vibrational alignment before I even implement them.

#goodbyeselfdoubt #nomoreguesswork #certainty #clarity

To be also offering this form of mentorship to my clients and know that this information is bringing them into alignment with having a prosperous and sustainable business that acts as a vehicle for their Divine self-expression???!!!

This is my Soul's mission in action.


Rather than being entirely dependent on my mentors and coaches advice and own methodologies for success, I fortified my intuitive faculties and manifesting magic.

So when it came to what, why and who I'm in business for and how I am uniquely designed to create success - I'll consult my Higher Self first and then share these vital insights with my (also highly intuitive) support team so that we can have fun brainstorming suitable solutions and strategies with this always in mind.

As a result of letting my Higher Self run the show - uncertainty is soon transmuted into absolute clarity; the struggle is remedied by high vibrational self-love and worth; and the experiences of lack are now outnumbered by an increase in money flow.

Reclaiming my Soul's Divine birthright to experience a sacred and abundant livelihood.

So there you have it...the 3 choices I made last year, to fortify my business.

This year I'm taking action to fortify and increase my level of financial independence with secure and consistent income streams.

Next level quantum leap - here we come!

#welcomingwealth #myrootchakrawilllovethis #sacralchakrajuicingupalready

That's me for now - what about you?

What will you be doing this year to fortify your business?

What new choices will you make to strengthen your Soul's voice and vibe in the entrepreneurial world?

I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with me. Like I said, I crave nourishing communication - so hit me with it!

Keep shining my friend,

Vicki xxx

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Why are the Chakra's so damn important?

It's not just a spiritual fad that hits the town one week, and sent out on the back road the next.

Chakra Health is a thing!

Energetic alignment is indeed a state of being!

And learning about it will give you great understanding of how your life (and business for that matter) is directly influenced by the quality and quantity of vital force energy that you are receiving from Source at any given time.

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