noun [vibe·o·lo·gist \ˌvibrāre-ol-uh-jist]

  • the intuitive guru of your own business

  • a master of financial independence #hellosustainability

  • one who has studied energy anatomy & practiced energy medicine extensively

  • and is therefore a conscious & effective manifestor

  • who trusts & understands the unique language of her 7 intuitive faculties

  • one who is responsible for the quality of vibes she receives & omits, on Earth & out into the Cosmos

  • a keen enthusiast for quantum leaping towards one's highest path & purpose, for the good of all!


Hi, my name is Vicki! As a Master Vibeologist and Psychic Biz Consultant , I spend my days communicating with spirit guide teams and navigating soul-aligned pathways for my clients to pursue and stay on track with (pretty out there, but pretty cool, right!?)

I do this work because I was born with one foot in each world - the seen and the unseen and it's a natural expression of my Soul's essence, planetary influences and higher calling.

And all because one day (hopefully in this life)...

I want to live in a world where all chaos and conflict in the world is healed, simply by everyone being responsible for the vibrational frequencies that they omit and receive.

I believe that it is our Divine birthright to experience a sacred and abundant livelihood (in which ever form it takes for each of us), and I’m on a mission to ensure that people with such yearnings know how to activate the infinite power of the Universe within themselves so that they can thrive with ease and in prosperity.

My journey to becoming a professional psychic began (funnily enough) in childhood sitting around the dinner table with my family both alive and deceased. Can you imagine it - my clairvoyant/clairaudient Father, clairsentient/empathic Mother and clairvoyant Sister all relaying the words of our ancestors as they spoke of their experiences in the afterlife.

At the time I felt at ease with my own psychic abilities, seeing them as ‘normal’ and benefitting from the ‘high vibe’ perks and connection I was tapped into.

But as I approached my adult years (and the ‘real’ world), I forcibly concealed and denied my intuitive faculties and therefore began to operate less consciously through life.

Along came self-sabotage, isolation, separation, addiction, drama, unfulfilling or unsustainable jobs, trauma, lack, betrayal, conflict and with that came the perpetual dark nights of the Soul - all the physical, mental and emotional and spiritual chaos one could possibly imagine!!

My breakthrough was during pregnancy at age 29 (you'd think Saturn's return would have thrown me on my ass before then right?!).

As my unborn child expanded his Soul's presence within me, I simultaneously witnessed my own Soul’s flame re-igniting; expanding and shining out through the cracks of my hardened shell of a body.

That was merely the beginning, for becoming a Mother completely shattered the shell and still 12 years later, I’m in absolute awe of my light that I had kept hidden for so long. No regrets about what I chose to create as my reality, yet I'm never going back to that life!

now I’m committed to cultivating light and love wherever I roam and with everything that I create in the world.

Side note: I aptly named my son Malakai - meaning my angel, my messenger.

It’s purely the willingness to embrace and express my Soul, that has prepared me for the work I do today all over the globe. And 25 years of accumulating numerous credentials and experience in the metaphysical healing arts is of course a bonus too.

When I’m not excavating past life stories and energetic landscapes in the Akashic Records, you can find me either...

  • loving up my self with pet love and telepathic communications with animals seen and unseen #shamansfriends 
  • loving up myself and my marriage by lifting weights with my amazonian goddess of a wife (I have to keep up with her strength and mojo somehow right?!)
  • loving up my creativity and my relationship to the Earth with photography
  • loving up embodied state with dance and music
  • loving up my inner child and my son by playing insanely intellectual strategy games before bed (still deciding if that's a wise idea for an evening winding down activity #getsmyhacklesup).
  • On the quiet, I also have an unhealthy obsession with salt and vinegar chips, craft beer and Netflix sci-fi/fantasy and drama (hanging out big time for Season 8 of Vampire Diaries).

Are you ready to go on a guided journey down the metaphysical rabbit hole to discover your Soul’s purpose and why you're not yet aligned into it’s creativity and power?

Come play with me here...